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Regular eye exams are the most effective way to preserve your vision and maintain healthy eyes. At her Henderson, Nevada, practice, experienced optometrist Aimee Noll, OD, uses today’s most advanced equipment to evaluate your eye health and optimize your eyesight. If you live in the Las Vegas Valley, call the office of Dr. Aimee Noll, OD, or click the online scheduling tool for exceptional eye care now.

Eye Exam Q & A

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam is a series of evaluations to check your eye health and vision. At Dr. Noll's office, your comprehensive eye exam includes a number of different tests, including: 

  • Visual acuity test
  • Refraction test
  • Eye muscle movement test
  • Visual field test
  • Color vision test
  • Retinal imaging
  • Slit-lamp exam

The assessments address the condition of your vision and reveal what corrections may be needed. The tests also screen for disease, as issues like glaucoma, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataracts can be caught early and treated effectively with regular imaging.

Can I get eye exams for specific purposes?

Yes, if you need an eye exam for a specific reason, such as a Nevada DMV eye exam, DOT eye exam, or CDL exam, Dr. Noll customizes your eye exam according to your specific needs. She can complete any necessary paperwork at the time of your exam. 

When do I need eye exams?

Children and adults of all ages need eye exams on a regular basis. The specific schedule depends on your eye health, vision, and whether you're at risk for eye problems. The American Optometric Association recommends the following:

Age 3-5

Your child should have at least one eye exam in this time period. 

Age 6-17

Before your child begins school, they need an eye exam. After that, continue with annual eye exams or follow Dr. Noll’s customized recommendations.

Age 18-64

At age 18-64, you need an eye exam at least every two years if you have excellent eye health. If you’re at risk for vision or eye health problems, you need yearly or more frequent exams. Your eyes can change quite a lot during these decades, so regular preventive care is crucial.

Age 65 and up

Starting at age 65, you need annual eye exams, unless you’re at risk for eye disease or have serious eye issues already. In that case, you might need twice yearly or more frequent exams.

Dr. Noll understands your unique eye needs, and she makes sure that you get the personalized service you deserve at every age and phase of life.

Eye exams at Dr. Aimee Noll, OD, are all about achieving the best eye health and vision through exceptional service. Call the office or use the online scheduler to set up your appointment now.

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