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Glaucoma, a disease of the optic nerve, can cause severe vision loss, but early detection and treatment can preserve your vision and control the disease. At her Henderson, Nevada practice, optometrist Dr. Aimee Noll, OD, diagnoses, monitors, and treats glaucoma in Las Vegas area patients. To schedule an appointment, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Glaucoma Q & A

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve. Your optic nerve carries sensory information from your retina to your brain, producing images. Without treatment, glaucoma causes severe damage to your optic nerve over time and may eventually cause blindness.   

The underlying cause of glaucoma is usually high eye pressure. The most common form of the disease, open-angle glaucoma, results from built-up aqueous fluid. Normally, aqueous fluid maintains the pressure in your eyes and nourishes your corneas, but if it can’t freely drain from your eye, it can build up and place pressure on your optic nerve.

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

One nickname for glaucoma is the “silent thief of sight.” That’s because it doesn’t cause symptoms in its early stages. By the time you notice any changes to your vision, it’s too late — the damage is permanent and irreversible.

The best way to detect glaucoma is through regular eye exams with Dr. Noll. She tests the pressure in your eyes and examines your optic nerve for signs of damage. Though “irregular eye pressure” might sound like something you’d notice, there’s no way to tell if you have it.

Glaucoma develops slowly, and it becomes more serious as the pressure on your optic nerve increases. It first affects your peripheral vision, and you may be able to adjust to the vision loss at first. However, it can eventually cause partial or complete blindness.  

Though glaucoma isn’t curable, and you can’t reverse the vision loss, you can slow the progression of the disease with treatment. The best outcomes result when you get treatment early, while you still have the most vision to preserve.

How is glaucoma treated?

Glaucoma isn’t curable, but Dr. Noll can provide treatment that reduces eye pressure, slows damage to your optic nerve, and preserves your vision. 

Many cases of glaucoma respond to medication. You may benefit from eye drops, oral medication, or a combination of the two. Medication reduces fluid production in your eye, improves the flow of fluid in your eye, or both. 

Dr. Noll closely monitors your condition. She may refer you to an ophthalmologist if you need a procedure to reduce the pressure in your eye. Glaucoma surgery involves creating a new drainage channel in your eye or improving your eye’s existing drainage channel, and doctors can perform it using lasers and other minimally invasive techniques.

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