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Retinal imaging is an advanced way to view the back part of your eye — the retina — without needing eye dilation. At her Henderson, Nevada, office, experienced optometrist Aimee Noll, OD, uses optomap® scanning to perform a 200-degree view of your retina. This helps to detect the earliest signs of diseases, such as diabetes, before severe eye damage occurs. Book your appointment by calling the office or clicking online scheduling now.

Retinal Imaging Q & A

What is retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging is a digital laser scanning system that produces images of the retina, the light-sensing tissue at the very back of your eye. Dr. Noll uses the Optos system, the leading state-of-the-art retinal imaging system, in her practice.  

Why do I need retinal imaging?

Retinal imaging is part of your comprehensive eye exams. Dr. Noll performs this type of testing because it helps her recognize and diagnose serious eye problems in their initial stages. 

For example, Dr. Noll can identify changes in your retinal blood vessels that indicate diabetes, stroke, or certain forms of cancer. With early diagnosis — often even prior to symptom development — you can take preventive steps and start immediate treatment. 

Retinal imaging can also show the source of serious eye symptoms. Dr. Noll may use retinal imaging to diagnose conditions like macular degeneration, retinal holes, and retinal detachment. 

What are the advantages of retinal imaging?

There are a few significant advantages of optomap retinal imaging, especially when compared to older methods of retinal exams. 

  • No eye dilation is required.
  • Comfortable scan takes under one second.
  • Images are saved for future comparisons (to measure eye changes).
  • It’s the only method that can capture 82% of the retina.
  • It’s safe for any age, children included.

Retinal imaging is an easy way to safeguard your eye health long term. 

How often should I have retinal imaging?

Dr. Noll recommends a schedule that’s optimized for your needs. In general, most children and adults need annual comprehensive eye exams. These exams usually include retinal imaging as part of the disease screening process. 

If you have diabetes, you might need diabetic eye care, including retinal imaging, more frequently. You might also need retinal imaging at other times. For example, if you’re experiencing floaters and seeing bright flashes of light, Dr. Noll may perform retinal scanning to check for retinal detachment.

Take advantage of the remarkable retinal imaging system at Dr. Aimee Noll, OD, by calling the office or clicking the online appointment maker anytime.

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